The Story

Ted Fason is the Founder and CEO of GreenLine Spirits, which produces St. Royale Green Tea Vodka, a unique premium crafted Gluten-Free vodka. St. Royale is now being distributed in major retail stores, restaurants, and airports across the United States. With a competitive spirit rooted in his background, Mr. Fason’s approach to develop the St. Royale brand in 2016 was never questioned by his peers or colleagues. The native Chicagoan’s leadership qualities were first apparent as a high school All-American student athlete in basketball, where he led the state of Illinois in scoring with an average of 30 points per game. Mr. Fason then received a full scholarship to attend Fairleigh Dickinson University in Hackensack, NJ, where he led his team to two NCAA Tournament appearances. Mr. Fason earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology during his undergraduate career at the university before signing a two-year contract to play professional basketball in Denmark.

After spending two years in Europe, Mr. Fason was faced with the decision to either continue his overseas basketball career plagued by injuries or pursue a career in corporate America. He selected the more challenging option – corporate America. Mr. Fason was hired as a financial advisor for Wachovia Bank, where he oversaw a $25 million portfolio for five different branches all within 20 miles of one another. After three years of maximizing his earning potential, Mr. Fason was hired as a business banker for HSBC Bank in Times Square, NY. After spending two years at HSBC, the vision became apparent to Mr. Fason that entrepreneurship was a route he wanted to take. Mr. Fason decided to leave the bank and create his own LLC as a real estate investor. He obtained his general contracting license to complete most housing renovations himself, while at the same time hiring sub- contractors for mechanical work. One year later, Mr. Fason expanded his portfolio into the commercial realm, signing a contract to renovate 40 well-known Darden-owned restaurant chains in the U.S.

After working so closely with restaurants, Mr. Fason decided to explore the spirit industry. When he noticed an increase in flavored vodka products, but no popular green tea flavored vodkas, he filled that void – and St. Royale was
born as a property of GreenLine Spirits. Mr. Fason plans to grow his business portfolio of endeavors even more. He recently expanded into Urinalysis testing, where he is protecting his clients from overuse and misuse of opioids.
As a consistent leader, Mr. Fason believes in diversification, and he often notes that to have a piece of 100 businesses is better than owning 100 percent of one business.

St. Royale Vodka, a boutique spirits brand rooted in the historic charm of Charleston, South Carolina, proudly announces its establishment as a new and innovative player in the world of premium vodka. Crafted with dedication and a commitment to excellence, St. Royale Vodka embodies the rich heritage and Southern hospitality of Charleston, bringing a taste of the Lowcountry to connoisseurs around the globe.

Renowned for its unparalleled purity and a unique, handcrafted distillation process, St. Royale Vodka promises a distinctive drinking experience for aficionados seeking a truly refined, local spirit. The founder was inspired by the enchanting surroundings of South Carolina, and has meticulously curated a vodka that reflects the city's vibrant culture and timeless elegance. St. Royale Vodka invites you to savor the essence of Charleston with every sip, where tradition meets innovation in the world of fine spirits.

Ted Fason - St.Royale Vodka