The highly in demand St. Royal Green Tea Peach flavored vodka is a winning combination of flavors.  The subtle hint of green tea coupled with a touch of peach sweetness make it a perfect vodka for summer drinks.
The award winning St. Royale Premium Vodka is a spectacularly refreshing vodka made in small batches and distilled 6 times. Our vodka arrives as a neutral grain spirit, made from corn being fermented and distilled until "only the heart of distillate remains", leaving fewer impurities.
Green Tea
The award winning St. Royale Green Tea Flavored Vodka is a refreshing blend of neutral grain spirits, green tea extract, and natural honey. By using honey as our only natural sweetener, we are able to provide our clients with one of the lowest calorie beverages on the market today, that is gluten free.
St.Royale Premium Vodka
  • Founded in 2016, in Chicago, with offices in Charleston, S.C. and Atlanta, GA, to bring more craftsmanship and innovation to the Spirit industry. Creating a new combination of flavors with a premium vodka.

  • Six times distilled, quite simply – we remove impurities so the next day, you wake up feeling great.

  • Contains:  Corn and Honey
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  • Hard work pays off as St. Royale Vodka won the gold medal award in the 2018 Craft Competition.

  • There are numerous spirit brands on the market today that produce premium and flavored vodkas, our award-winning vodka confirms our product delivers.

  • St. Royale Vodka is currently being distributed in national retailers across the United States and has solid seven-figures in sales.